Unity and Vibrancy




We at Mascher are dancers and artists who are fucking wild about what

happens to our bodies, minds, souls, and communities when we dedicate

ourselves to making dance and movement art. We affirm that the

following points of unity tie us together and form a defining bond

amongst diverse individuals. For the purpose of building community and

mutually empowering each other, we are united that:


– Our community is built on engagement with the creative process.

– Creative work is enriched by community and community is built through

shared work, resources, and space.

– Together, we sustain our abilities to create artistic work and to

follow a unique artistic vision.

– Working cooperatively requires in-depth, transparent process,

self-evaluation, and constructive feedback.

– Working creatively requires in-depth, transparent process,

self-evaluation, and constructive feedback.

– We must be nothing less than actively inclusive of many identities

and experiences. We must always strive toward awareness of our

movement in the world. We benefit from artists at various stages of

their careers. We must consider this when designing programs and


– Engagement with movement and body awareness is intrinsically valuable.

– Artistic work continues in between productions, and our support must

not be limited to ‘products’.

– Sustainability demands working within capacity.

– Our work changes history!



Mascher’s mission involves creating a space and community sparking

with artistic vibrancy. We will use this goal to guide our priorities

in programming, curating, seeking membership, and envisioning



We believe artistic vibrancy is intrinsically evolving and adaptive.

Our definition is a strategic, provisional one. We will rewrite it

whenever it no longer serves, and reaffirm it whenever we revisit

questions of core mission and vision.


To this end, we define artistic vibrancy as marked by qualities of

aliveness, relevance, bursting out of constructs, and artistic

self-awareness. Self-awareness is being clear about what one is doing,

being well-researched, being socially aware, and knowing one’s

context. Artistic vibrancy includes process, risk, and shared

discovery- the work presented is the tip of a whole iceberg. Artistic

vibrancy is buoyed by itself- learning from each other will create

positive feedback loops and self-sustaining momentum.