Mascher Space is a home for new performance in Philadelphia.

Artist imagined, artist founded, artist shared and run since 2005, Mascher provides space that is affordable and versatile. Mascher operates on cooperative principles; community is built through resource-sharing that supports Artists-in-Residence at all stages of their careers and lines of research. Our model cultivates wild experimentation, deep problem-solving, and a continuity of creative practice that extends beyond the moment of performance. Proudly based in Kensington, Mascher is a nonprofit organization committed to meaningful engagement with our geographic community.


Zornitsa Stoyanova performing at Mascher Space. Photo by Bilwa, from the Rashamon Series



There is no aesthetic criteria for membership.

Membership benefits include:

  • The chance to work cooperatively with other local artists through consensus based decision-making
  • 16 hours per month of studio space to use for rehearsal, class, performance – whatever you like!
  • Free workshops and events at Mascher Space
  • Fiscal sponsorship – you can operate under the umbrella of Mascher’s non-profit status

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“We at Mascher are dancers and artists who are fucking wild about what

happens to our bodies, minds, souls, and communities when we dedicate

ourselves to making dance and movement art.”