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Are you looking for a consistent space to house:

rehearsals – EVENTS – 

classes – workshops 

At Mascher, creative work is enriched by community and community is built through shared work, resources, and space.


About membership


Mascher’s Artist in Residence program is an opportunity to cooperatively pool resources, skills, and space. Receive deeply subsidized rates for creative endeavors, and work with the community to learn, share, and exchange in the following ways:

  • Receive 8-16 hours per month for rehearsals, classes, workshops, performances, etc.

  • Annually present work at Mascher’s fully produced Fresh Juice, other Mascher performance programming, and at partner organizations. 

  • Participate in Mascher’s professional/creative workshops for free or at a deep discount.

  • Skill-share with other members, for example: help and get help with technical, administrative, and artistic challenges.

  • Past Mascher workshops include teachers such as: David Zambrano, Nora Chipaumire, Ziya Azazi, Shannon Murphy, Joy Mariama Smith, Michelle Boule, luciana achugar, and Deborah Hay.

available memberships

FULL SHARE- $160/mo.

16 hours of space per month, 6 month contract

HALF SHARE- $96/mo.
8 hours of space per month, 6 month contract

Can’t commit to an AIR membership but still interested in renting space? Our partner organization Headlong Studios can help! Contact Headlong

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Starting in July 2023 Mascher will be instilling a reparations based artist in residence program to offer Black and Indigenous People of Color studio space, access to workshops/programming, and performance opportunities in our annual Fresh Juice program. The BIPOC Artist in Residence Fellowship has been long overdue and we’re very excited to share it with our communities! We are currently prepared to offer two (2) full year, half share memberships (8 hours of studio space per month) to BIPOC performance artists, with priority to those native to Philadelphia. Although we’re open to all types of artists, the space we currently have is most beneficial to those whose practice can exist in a dance studio setting. Our current space has three steps to enter the building and one flight of stairs to get to the bathroom as well. Since we currently have capacity for two (2) memberships and are working to expand this, we have created a google form application asking for some information to get to know the artists and their needs a little better! Our hope is that although we cannot offer everyone who applies a membership due to space and scheduling limitations, we’ll be able to reach out to additional artists and offer short term rentals on a regular basis. Please reach out to or DM us on Instagram with any questions!

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