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Andrew Smith

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Artist in Residence

Andrew Smith is an artist and self proclaimed “Dream Weaver” based in Philadelphia. They received their BFA in Sculpture and Dance from the University of the Arts in the spring of 2019. They are fueled by the necessity to make and to move, their ferocity and loving energy is unequivocal. Andrew traverses the world through a variety of modes of expression, currently with an emphasis on drag, fashion, poetry, and dance. In their practice, Andrew or Gwendy; the artists drag persona, investigates the intersections of fine art and dance whilst exploring the perception of memories, queerness, love, sex, lust, and the power of imagination. Andrew has performed in Philadelphia, New York City, and Paris, in works created by Paul Matteson, Yael Bartana, Zoe Scofield, Alan Kaprow reimagined by Alex Da Corte, and Jocelyn Cottencin. They have collaborated on dance projects as a costume designer with Jimena Paz, Alex Da Corte, Jesse Zaritt and Katie Swords Thurman.

Katherine Desimine


Artist in Residence

Katherine Desimine (she/her) is an artist based on Lenni-Lenape land (also known as Philadelphia). She has a BFA in Dance from The University of the Arts. Katherine is a dancer, dance maker, dance teacher, arts administrator, and arts advocate.

Katherine thinks of herself as a child scientist; exploring and playing are intrinsic parts of her making. She is interested in how process connects to subject matter, and in connection between content and form. She loves touch and partnering, and works with these elements often.  

Katherine develops practices that prepare collaborators for performance. While preparing for performance is important, visible effort, mess ups, and honesty are also some of Katherine’s deep interests. She encourages her collaborators to find looseness, freedom, and joy, both in process and performance.

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